10 Years of Remote Working

10 Years Remote

A colleague and friend of mine posted a link to Viktor Petersson’s reflections on a decade of remote work in Slack. As an advocate of remote working and digital lifestyle, I read through it with anticipation. I love this kind...

/ 21st May 2019
Weight up your freelance leads

Save Time By Qualifying Your Freelance Leads Early

There’s nothing worse than being multiple emails deep with a prospect, then realising they have a £100 budget for a £10,000 project. Well, perhaps if you’ve taken a few phone calls and had a day off work for a meeting...

/ 7th January 2019
Gaya Kessler's Office

Freelancing Interview with Gaya Kessler

Gaya and I have worked closely together during the last 8 months for a mutual client. He’s taught me a lot and I’m thankful for our friendship. Chatting most days during this time, it was only natural for me to...

/ 2nd November 2018
MacBook Pro with dual monitors attached

MacBook Pro + Dual Monitor Developer Setup

I’d been toying with the idea of a full hardware setup upgrade for a while when Apple dropped the new MacBook Pros in mid-2018. My existing MBP was showing its age and just a single external display wasn’t providing enough...

/ 4th September 2018
Suganthan's freelancing workspace

Freelancing Interview with Suganthan Mohanadasan

Introduction As a remote freelancer, watercooler chats with colleagues are few and far between. In the interest of getting to know my peers a little better, I’m putting together a series of interviews. Short catch ups with other digital contractors...

/ 21st July 2018
5 Ways Accomplished Freelancers Take Breaks

5 Ways Accomplished Freelancers Take Breaks

We all need time off from work. As a freelancer, contractor and/or business owner; taking a proper break can be easier said than done. I try to spend at least a month away from the office each year. No matter how...

/ 10th July 2018

Why You Should Step Out of Your Technical Comfort Zone

An opportunity recently presented itself that would take me out of my technical comfort zone. As a web developer, I’m generally used to keeping on top of my skills progression. With that said, this would be a significant change for me....

/ 6th March 2018
Bad timekeeping

The Importance of Sleep Routine When Working From Home

I’ve struggled to maintain a regular sleep pattern for most of my life. In my younger years, I would often game until 01:00-02:00 on weekdays and 03:00-04:00 on weekends, not getting up until 11:00 and midday respectively. This was my normality....

/ 12th February 2018
How Successful Freelancers Retain Clients and Earn Repeat Business

How Successful Freelancers Retain Clients and Earn Repeat Business

As in most fields, customers you’re already in contact with, have seen what you can do and are happy with your product or service; are more likely to become customers again. That said, just because you’ve worked well together in...

/ 29th January 2018
Interview on Freelancing

Interview on Freelancing with Joe Stone

I was recently contacted by fellow freelancer Joe Stone for a quick-fire interview on my time as a freelance developer. Joe describes himself as an experienced WordPress developer based in the South East of England with a love for all things digital....

/ 16th January 2018